Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Accessing Characters in Python String

Python String is an ordered sequence of characters and stored as an array. In order to access characters in a String you need to specify string name followed by index in the square brackets. Note that index is 0 based and valid range for string of length n is 0..(n-1).

In String in Python you can also use negative indexing. When negative number is used as index String is accessed backward so -1 refers to the last character, -2 second last and so on.

Accessing characters from String in Python

Getting characters from a string in Python example

s = "Hello World"
#first character
#3rd character
print('length of String', len(s))
#last character


length of String 11

Getting characters using negative indexing

s = "Hello World"
# last character
print('length of String', len(s))
# first character by making the index negative


length of String 11

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