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Java Basics Tutorial

Java, one of the most popular programming language, was conceived by James Gosling, Patrick Naughton, Chris Warth, Ed Frank, and Mike Sheridan at Sun Microsystems, Inc. in 1991. It was publicly released in 1995.

Java is an object oriented, high level language but what sets it apart is that Java is platform independent and it can run on a variety of platforms.

This Java beginners tutorial helps in understanding the basic concepts of Java programming language.

Java Getting Started

  1. How to Install Java in Ubuntu
  2. First Java Program - Hello World Java Program
  3. Primitive Data Types in Java
  4. Java Variable Types With Examples
  5. Literals in Java
  6. What Are JVM, JRE And JDK in Java
  7. Java is a Strongly Typed Language

Operators in Java

  1. Arithmetic And Unary Operators in Java
  2. Equality And Relational Operators in Java
  3. Conditional Operators in Java With Examples
  4. Ternary Operator in Java With Examples
  5. instanceof Operator in Java With Examples
  6. Difference Between equals() Method And equality Operator == in Java

Conditional Statements & Loops in Java

  1. if else Statement in Java With Examples
  2. Switch Case Statement in Java With Examples
  3. Switch Expressions in Java 12
  4. Java for Loop With Examples
  5. Java while Loop With Examples
  6. Java do-while Loop With Examples
  7. break Statement in Java With Examples
  8. continue Statement in Java With Examples
  9. return Statement in Java With Examples

Java Class And Object

  1. Class in Java
  2. Object in Java
  3. Object Creation Using new Operator in Java
  4. Object class in Java
  5. Type Wrapper Classes in Java
  6. Java Abstract Class and Abstract Method
  7. Java Nested Class And Inner Class
  8. Java Object Cloning - clone() Method
  9. Shallow Copy And Deep Copy in Java Object Cloning

Java Constructor

  1. Constructor in Java
  2. Constructor Chaining in Java
  3. Constructor Overloading in Java
  4. Initializer Block in Java

Java Basics

  1. Access Modifiers in Java - Public, Private, Protected and Default
  2. Package in Java
  3. Java Automatic Numeric Type Promotion
  4. Why Class Name And File Name Should be Same in Java
  5. Why main Method static in Java
  6. Java Pass by Value or Pass by Reference
  7. Java - Could not find or load main class error Fix
  8. this Keyword in Java With Examples
  9. super Keyword in Java With Examples
  10. final Keyword in Java With Examples
  11. strictfp in Java
  12. finalize() Method in Java
  13. Type Casting in Java With Conversion Examples
  14. Why no Multiple Inheritance in Java

static in Java

  1. static Keyword in Java With Examples
  2. static Method Overloading or Overriding in Java
  3. static Import in Java With Examples
  4. static Reference to The Non-static Method or Field Error
  5. static Block in Java

Array in Java

  1. Array in Java With Examples

Java Math

  1. BigDecimal in Java With Examples
  2. BigInteger in Java With Examples

OOPS Concepts

  1. Encapsulation in Java
  2. Polymorphism in Java
  3. Abstraction in Java
  4. Inheritance in Java
  5. Difference Between Encapsulation And Abstraction in Java
  6. Method Overloading in Java
  7. Method Overriding in Java
  8. Association, Aggregation And Composition in Java

Interface in Java

  1. Interface in Java With Examples
  2. Marker Interface in Java
  3. Difference Between Abstract Class And Interface in Java
  4. Interface Default Methods in Java
  5. Interface Static Methods in Java
  6. Private Methods in Java Interface

String in Java

  1. String in Java Tutorial
  2. String Pool in Java
  3. Why Java String is Immutable
  4. Compact Strings in Java
  5. Check String Null or Empty in Java
  6. String Comparison in Java - compareTo(), equals()
  7. Java String charAt() Method With Examples
  8. Java String substring() Method - Getting Substring
  9. Java String Search Using indexOf(), lastIndexOf() And contains() Methods
  10. Java trim(), strip() - Removing Spaces From String
  11. Java split() Method - Splitting a String
  12. Java join() Method - Joining Strings
  13. intern() Method in Java String
  14. matches() method in Java String
  15. StringJoiner Class in Java With Examples
  16. StringBuffer Class in Java With Examples
  17. StringBuilder Class in Java With Examples
  18. String Vs StringBuffer Vs StringBuilder in Java
  19. Is String Thread Safe in Java
  20. How to Create Immutable Class in Java

Java Exception handling

  1. Java Exception Handling Tutorial
  2. try-catch Block in Java Exception Handling
  3. finally Block in Java Exception Handling
  4. Multiple Catch Blocks in Java Exception Handling
  5. Nested Try Statements in Java Exception Handling
  6. throw Statement in Java Exception Handling
  7. throws Keyword in Java Exception Handling
  8. Exception Propagation in Java Exception Handling
  9. Java Exception Handling And Method Overriding
  10. Difference Between Checked And Unchecked Exceptions in Java
  11. Difference Between throw And throws in Java
  12. final Vs finally Vs finalize in Java
  13. Creating Custom Exception Class in Java
  14. Multi-Catch Statement in Java Exception Handling
  15. Try-With-Resources in Java With Examples
  16. Best Practices For Exception Handling in Java
  17. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException - Resolving ClassNotFoundException in Java
  18. java.lang.ClassCastException - Resolving ClassCastException in Java
  19. java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError - Resolving UnsupportedClassVersionError in Java
  20. Difference Between StackOverflowError and OutOfMemoryError in Java