Angular Framework Tutorial

Angular Getting Started

  1. How to Install Node.js and NPM in Windows
  2. How to Setup Angular
  3. Angular Project Structure With File Description
  4. Angular Application Bootstrap Process
  5. How to Add Bootstrap to Angular Application

Angular Components

  1. Creating New Component in Angular

Angular Databinding

  1. Angular One-Way Data Binding Using String Interpolation
  2. Angular Property Binding With Examples
  3. Angular Attribute Binding With Examples
  4. Angular Style Binding With Examples
  5. Angular Event Binding With Examples
  6. Angular Class Binding With Examples
  7. Angular Two-Way Data Binding With Examples
  8. Angular Custom Property Binding Using @Input Decorator
  9. Angular Custom Event Binding Using @Output Decorator
  10. Angular Custom Two-Way Data Binding

Angular Decorators

  1. Angular @Component Decorator
  2. Angular @Output() Decorator With Examples

Angular Directives

  1. Angular ngIf Directive With Examples
  2. Angular ngSwitch Directive With Examples
  3. Angular ngFor Directive With Examples
  4. Angular ngStyle Directive With Examples
  5. Angular ngClass Directive With Examples
  6. How to Use ngFor and ngIf on Same Element in Angular

Angular Pipes

  1. Angular Pipes With Examples
  2. Using Angular Pipes in Component or Service Classes
  3. Custom Pipe in Angular With Example
  4. Pure and Impure Pipes in Angular
  5. Async Pipe in Angular With Examples

Angular Routing

  1. Angular Routing Concepts With Example
  2. What is Client Side Routing in Angular
  3. Path Redirection in Angular Routing
  4. Using RouterLinkActiveOptions to Fix Link Highlighted Problem
  5. Navigate to a Route Programmatically in Angular
  6. Angular Route Parameters - Setting and Fetching
  7. Passing Query Parameters in Angular Routing
  8. Setting Wild Card Route in Angular
  9. Nested Route (Child Route) in Angular
  10. Angular Route - Passing Static Data
  11. Angular Access Control CanActivate Route Guard Example
  12. Angular CanActivateChild Guard to protect Child Routes
  13. CanDeactivate Guard in Angular With Example
  14. Angular Route Resolver - Passing Data Dynamically
  15. Location Strategies in Angular Routing

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